Dalian Development is a privately-held Washington, DC based integrated real estate developer and investor. Founded in 2012 to invest on behalf of a wealthy DC-based family, our mandate is to build best-in-class multifamily and mixed-use projects nationally for long-term ownership.

Since its formation, Dalian Development has developed nearly 1,000 residential units from the southwest to the east coast. It strives to start one or two projects per year ensuring that each is diligently planned, designed, and built with the utmost care and focus.

Dalian seeks to create best-in-class projects by adhering to its core values of authentic design, thoughtful placemaking and creativity. Through this, Dalian believes it delivers value to residents, neighborhoods and investors. Our laser-focus on every detail through the acquisition, development, construction and operations activities ensure we are successful in creating projects that enhance life for our residents and the surrounding community.

As a family office structure, Dalian funds all project equity internally, thus once a decision is made to pursue a project no other layers of approvals are necessary. This provides sellers, partners, municipalities and other stakeholders with a strong sense of comfort and commitment that the project will be executed successfully without any investor-driven complications.

Each Dalian project looks to create a distinct experience based on the values of the consumer and surrounding community.

Dalian is committed to the following core values which drive every project: